Jo Day

26, Melbourne. Studying at RMIT. Published in Voiceworks and shortlisted for Revolution: Monash University Undergraduate Prize
I wrote stuff! For sale at Sticky and Polyester. Get on it.

I wrote stuff! For sale at Sticky and Polyester. Get on it.

It’s not too much to ask men and boys to “look, but don’t touch.” A young woman who wants to be noticed, even desired, without being assaulted isn’t making an unreasonable request. She’s not defying the facts of biology. She’s asking to be watched, appreciated, and left unharmed. Saying that she’s asking to be raped is like saying that a talented actor who portrays an unsympathetic villain particularly well on screen is asking to be attacked by an outraged member of the movie-going public. There’s a difference between a performance and an invitation, and it’s not that hard—really, it’s not—to distinguish the two.


Korakrit Arunanondchai 

“Arunanondchai weaves such icons as the snake, the cross, and the jewel throughout his art: they are items readymade in meaning, connoting a million disparate things in different contexts. This art asks, in this moment, what does the transmigrated symbol mean? The artist transforms not only the symbol and Bosch’s art, but also his own pieces, creating more and more abstracted iterations of them until they can exists only as solitary objects, installed in a fantasy gallery in a digital world.” - Columbia University.

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Madman With A Box: #323



White privilege is everyone knowing about Chris Brown assaulting Rihanna but no one knowing about what Sean Penn did to Madonna (tortured her for 9 hours), Charlie Sheen did to his exes (he freaking shot one of them and was arrested for domestic…

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Hey, slut.

Yes. Finally on holidays from uni and interning, which basically means reading, writing, and going out with friends. I wanted to write about how rad some of my friends are, and I was nearly going to preface it with ‘strong female friends’, but then I threw up in my mouth a little, so I’ll just say, my friends. Who happen to be female. And awesome.
After work, before seeing Prometheus (read: before having my heart broken) I went to Bar Open with a few work mates and started talking – as we do – about promiscuity. And one said, ‘Yeah, I pick up a lot, but it’s just because I really love sex.’ And everything about the statement, and the way she said it, just made me fall for her*. That and the fact that she and another mate affectionately call each other slut – probably with the same affection as hey, stud – gosh. It makes me so happy that I have these people in my life, these people with so much self-respect and self-worth and just this awareness of who they are and which social expectations they will not give a fuck about. And they are people who won’t be shamed.

*I fall madly in love with people and things about twelve times a day.