Jo Day

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Jo Day is a writer, zine maker and sometimes-musician living in Berlin.


A NEW TENSE Coming in spring, 2017

After a traumatic event in Melbourne Laurie escapes to Berlin, only to have to come back six months later to bury her estranged mother.

She tries to reconnect with her best friend, Jones, who's ignoring her.

But she's doing fine.

More or less.

Set in a boozy and drug-fuelled summer in Melbourne, A New Tense is about grief, friendships, and the family that people make when they don't have their own.

Other Publications

Turned to Face - Shortlisted for Revolution: Monash University Undergraduate Prize Shortlist: Penguin Special

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes - Voiceworks #84 Pulp

Editorial Committee Member & Contributor to RMIT's creative writing anthology, Little Spines