It’s Getting Very Late: Issue One

A full-colour zine about THE FEAR, love letters to friends, appreciating short encounters, some trips I took.

It’s Getting Very Late: Issue Two

A perzine about mental illness, getting sober, and taking an SSRI.
It’s Getting Very Late: Issue Three
A 24 page zine about sobriety and recovery in AA, and being angry with a lot of straight cis men (while still sometimes dating them).
It’s Getting Very Late: Issue Four
A perzine featuring more stories of sobriety, dogs, love, coming off meds, addicts, zombies, and a trip to Australia.

From Which Women Deviate

A series of five zines submitted for  Honours at RMIT in 2014. They explore how zines can act as platforms for feminist explorations. This personal series looks at ideas of activism, the female body, and zines as places of cathartic writing.

So Lonely Was The Ballad

A zine about anxiety, panic attacks, and some of the steps that can make them easier to cope with.

All the Fun you Think They Had

A collaborative zine about jealousy in (poly/open) romantic relationships, in friendships, in regards to the encouraged competitiveness between women, and how jealousy is not addressed in a lot of communities.

Nail in the Coffin

A 32 page fictional zine about two women trapped in a hotel room at the end of the world.
fifty-eight thirteen

A little black & white perzine about grief.

“There are powerful scenes in here. Sadness. Glimpses of sobriety in between the distorted sense of the reality of an addict, and glimpses of why the run from reality as well. The zine looks for meaning where there may just be none… being ‘together’ when you need to be falling apart. Being ‘proper’ in the face of rot and decay and disorder. It’s a powerful little unassuming read.”

Secrets of the Photocopier Review